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How to select a domain name (tips)?

Dec 11

What exactly is a domain name? A domain name is your company's online identification.

The domain name you select is significant because it serves as your online ID and symbolizes your small business brand: it is the first impression a consumer has of your company and the one they will have every time they return. As a result, it is a component of your company's brand and name recognition strategy.

A memorable, easy-to-remember domain name lends credibility to your company and makes it easier for customers to remember and return to your website. It's the ideal web marketing feature for differentiating your company from the competition.

Tips for choosing a domain registrar:

Choose a registrar whose pricing you are willing to accept.
Choose a registrar that offers comprehensive domain name services such as domain self-service, domain alias, MX Record, and so on.
At some point, a good registrar may be more vital than a decent hosting provider (Such as in the situation you need to change the hosting provider).
Choose a registrar with a user-friendly domain transfer policy.
Choose a registrar that provides greater technical assistance (price generally higher if they have phone support).


How do I choose a domain name (tricks)?

Suggestions for Choosing a Domain Name

Keep it brief, no more than two words.
Keep it brief, but no more than 4 or 5 characters from your company's name.
Use basic terms that a child will understand.
Use terms that only have one spelling.
If feasible, use your company's complete name. If not, simply describe your product or service using words.
The most common business extension is [.com].
[.net] is frequently used to direct readers to a network of sites [.org] is most commonly used to designate a non-profit organization or charity

[.cn] is used to identify your firm in China

Domain Name Length vs. Domain Name Length

Customers frequently asked us, "Should I select a short domain name or should I choose a lengthy domain name?" Ideally, if you have an excellent domain name that is also short, that is fantastic. However, because many good and short domain names are already taken, it makes sense to go with a more descriptive but longer domain name. On the one hand, it may take your consumers a little longer to put in your domain name in the browser in order to reach your site, but consider this:

Search engines account for more than 80% of all web traffic! In other words, just 20% of your potential visitors will need to write your web address to visit you, and in other circumstances, they will bookmark you or arrive through a link on another page. So there's no need to be concerned about making your domain name too long for visitors.

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