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Recent News About Orion Real Estate in South Africa

Mar 31

The latest available financial data for Orion Real Estate in South Africa shows a decline of 13.5% in revenue to R45.4 million. It is primarily due to the sale of some buildings. However, the operating profit improved by 31.9% to R10.2 million. In addition, the total comprehensive income of Orion Real Estate increased by 20% to R65.3 million. While the number of leased properties declined, the company's CEO is still optimistic about the prospects of the South African market.

The group began as Eseza Property Holdings with the purchase of an 11-storey office building in downtown Johannesburg. Over the years, it has expanded to acquire a range of other assets, including a diversified portfolio of private and listed property portfolios. Today, it manages a diversified portfolio of office, industrial, and retail properties. Orion has been a part of the South African property market since 1991 and has grown into an impressive portfolio in a wide range of sectors.

The group's first purchase was an eleven-storey office building in Johannesburg. Its operations have grown to include several other assets, including a diversified portfolio of industrial, retail, and hotel properties. In the last decade, it has also invested in several new projects and has more than R600 million in assets.

Most of the properties owned by Orion Real Estate are located in the central business city of South Africa, namely Johannesburg. Some of these properties include large shopping centres and more. Orion is also a proud owner of a few hotels and the popular Bakwena Spa branches in South Africa. 

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