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Stay Informed with Shopping Centre News

May 5

Despite the popularity of e-commerce, shopping centres still have their place in the retail landscape. With Covid options, such as in-store pick-up, curbside delivery, and easy returns, shopping centres are now better suited to service customers in any way they can. Jericho, New York-based Kimco, for example, is experiencing robust demand for commercial space. Whether you're the owner of a shopping centre or looking to rent space, you should stay updated on the latest news.

The emergence of Shopping Centre News has marked a significant milestone. Founded with a vision that included a holistic view of the retail industry, the publication has expanded into a comprehensive knowledge resource centre for the shopping centre industry in India. Subscribers include CEOs, leasing managers, fund managers, architects, and marketing professionals. Its mission is to foster innovation in the field of shopping centres and to provide the industry with the knowledge it needs to thrive.

The rise of e-commerce has impacted many major brick-and-mortar retailers, with predictions that town centres and malls could soon become the next casualty. The rise of new technology is transforming the fashion industry, with new players relying on big data and a new customer experience. These innovations are changing the urban retail space, but they ignore the resiliency of disruptive innovations. Several trends have already begun to emerge that are transforming shopping centres.

However, it may seem like the world is transforming into online shopping and more. But, there are still so many people relying on shopping centres. In South Africa the majority of people are not able to purchase online, they make use of public transport to visit shopping centres to do their daily and life shopping. It may seem like the world is going digital, but we are still a long way from totally being able to do everything online. It will take years and years to get everyone on the digital world. 

Shopping centres may be down scaling, but it will never totally disappear. The demand of shopping centres will always be there. People make use of shopping centres from various reasons and thus it will always be there.