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Online slot volatility and Strategies

May 24

"What strategy could there be for playing slots?", you ask. Well, not the typical kind. You won't be hearing anything about the Martingale or the conservative strategy. Those are meant for online games with an element of skill, and slots are predominantly luck-based. However, while merely spinning the reels as you do, the online casinos experts who have mastered the slot winning strategies tend to be more successful players. These slots strategies are not game-related. Instead, they are approaches to how you chose and bet on the slots.

Choose Slot Games With High Payouts

The cat's out of the bag - expert slot players always go for slots with the highest return to player (RTP) percentages.

Online slotsSlot games are different. Besides the graphics and themes, there are technical aspects that distinguish one from the other, and the most important factor is the RTP.

Return To Player is a percentage value of how much a slot pays out over time. A 96% RTP means that if 100,000 players wager $1 per spin on a slot, it will return $96,000 in payouts - an average of $96 for every $100.

The payout percentage doesn't tell how much you will win on a spin or two, but it is a good indicator of the chances of making better slots profits in the long run.


Our recommendation is to go for slots with a payout percentage of 96% or higher. Many casinos publish the RTP values of their slots. You can find them in the settings or help section of the slot itself, or in a dedicated section on the site.

Pay Attention To Volatility

Volatility is often confused with payout percentages, and if you have any misunderstandings about both terms, you're in luck because we will be clearing that up for you.

Volatility in online casinos is a measure of how often you land a winning combo in a slot. The RTP determines how much you win; like an average of $96 for every $100, as in the earlier example. The volatility determines how players win that amount - in large or small sums. It is also used to determine the risk level of a game because slots that pay frequently will usually reward small amounts (low-risk), while those that pay once in a while can produce hefty returns (high-risk). Ever heard of the term "loose slot?" It was coined a long time ago to represent the low-risk kinds.

The question here is - What level of risk are you willing to take? Would you rather play safe online with loose slots or make losses in the hope of hitting a big one later on with tight games. Players who've got a huge bankroll and a bit of patience might want to opt for high volatility, but if you have a limited bankroll, you should go with low volatility slots, that way you don't run out of cash.

As you play at casinos, you will naturally discover the volatility of a slot based on how frequently you hit a winning payline. You can also carry out a simple Google search with the keywords. Often, volatility is referred to as variance so you could come across that term instead. Otherwise, simply read any of our slot reviews to find out the variance level of the game you wish to play.