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Thermaxx Offers A Wide Range Of Materials And Products To Support Aerospace Design

Dec 15

Aircraft insulation is a key component of the safety and comfort of passengers and crew members during flight. It supports a variety of functions including temperature and acoustic management, fire resistance and anti-vibration protection. It must be strong, light and durable to meet rigorous design standards that ensure mechanical stability, while preventing circuit overload.

Thermaxx offers a wide range of Aerospace Insulation Materials and products to support aerospace design engineers and maintenance technicians in creating safe and functional aircraft. Whether it’s thermal, acoustical or fire protection, our innovative solutions offer high-temperature capabilities in lightweight forms for maximum flexibility in tight spaces. They include acoustic mats, insulation panels and fabrics, fire-resistant papers and felts, specialty coatings and finishes, and performance materials to delay or prevent thermal runaway in lithium-based batteries.

Aerospace Materials

The demanding specifications of commercial, military and eVTOL aircraft and spacecraft require advanced material solutions. These include thermal, acoustic and fire protection insulation products that can be engineered into rigid, flexible or panel systems to meet stringent performance, temperature and weight specifications.

Min-K microporous and fibre insulation products from Custom Materials, Inc are ideal for aerospace applications, such as critical data recorders and heat shields, as they have a high level of strength, low thermal conductivity and excellent compression properties at both high temperatures and lower pressures. These materials are also encapsulated to provide flame retardancy and chemical and corrosion resistance.

Mica is an essential ingredient for insulating aircraft components, such as electrical tubing and ducting. Mica roll laminates are used to insulate the tubes and ducting, with mica composites providing essential component parts in aircraft construction. Mica is an inherently flame retardant and acoustic insulator, while maintaining strength and resistance to vibration, heat and moisture. Its abrasion resistance, electrical insulation and high temperature stability are additional advantages.

Moreover, Mica provides effective thermal and acoustic control for critical electronic components in aircraft. These sensitive devices need to be protected against overheating and the threat of circuit overload, while being exposed to extreme abrasion during flight. They are often encapsulated in mica-reinforced resins, which protect them from environmental hazards and allow them to be shaped into intricate shapes for easy installation and integration in aircraft assemblies.

Other aerospace insulation products include acoustic panels and sound-absorbing foam, which are used to reduce noise levels in passenger cabins and flight decks. They provide a significant improvement over the standard polystyrene panels and help to improve passenger comfort during flights. A specialized form of acoustic insulation called thermal acoustic insulation (TaI) is also installed in aircraft fuselages, and is made up of a specialised high-performance fiber encapsulated in an aircraft-rated plastic covering. This helps to shield the fuselage from excess temperature and noise, while protecting the electronics inside from the harsh flight environment.