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A Spiral Mixer Also Has A Very Powerful Motor

Jun 24

Mixing is a critical part of most operations and the right mixer is one of the key tools to help maximize efficiency and productivity. Commercial mixers come in a wide variety of sizes and features for EvenMix New Location everything from dough to mashed potatoes, cake batter, and even whipped cream. In addition to the large, commercial floor mixers used in bakeries and pizzerias, there are also smaller units designed for countertop use in restaurants. These smaller units save kitchen staff a lot of time by speeding up the preparation process, allowing more dishes to be produced in a given amount of time.

The most common type of commercial mixer is a planetary model, which uses an attachment that rotates against the stationary mixing bowl. This allows for quick, high-speed mixing and works well with most applications, such as batters, sauces, and light frostings. Another popular type of commercial mixer is the spiral mixer, which combines a specialized dough-centric design with a very powerful motor. This style of mixer spins both the attachment and the bowl, which minimizes heat input into yeasted dough and helps knead thick dough, making these machines essential in pizzerias and other establishments that prioritize dough production.

A spiral mixer also has a very powerful motor, which can handle much larger volumes and densities than other types of commercial mixers. These units typically have a capacity of up to 90 lbs. of bread dough, 70 lbs. of thick pizza dough, and 60 lbs. of cake batter. This is a must-have for artisan bread bakers and larger pizzerias, and it’s also great for heavy-duty food processing operations that process a significant amount of dough or other dense products on a regular basis.

In addition to these basic models, there are a number of specialty mixers that are suited for specific types of dough and batters. A flat beater is ideal for mashes potatoes, while a dough hook can handle most other kinds of dough. A wire whisk is ideal for puddings, custards, and whipped creams, and can also be useful for slicing vegetables and shredding meats.

Commercial mixers come in either direct-drive or gear-driven models, with the latter providing a greater range of speeds for different ingredients. Some of these units are also equipped with a safety-cut switch that activates if the machine’s speed is changed while it is in operation. This prevents serious damage to the motor, and ensures that the mixer shuts down completely before a new speed is selected.

Mixing totes is a special application for commercial mixers and requires a specialized mixer attachment. These units are typically made from stainless steel and have an integrated shipping pallet base that makes them easy to move around the workplace with a forklift. The mixer attaches to the top of the tote, and the agitator rotates inside the container, which mixes the product without leaking or spilling. These mixers are an excellent choice for food service facilities that use IBC totes in their operation, and they can be ordered with or without a built-in lid for convenient transport between the kitchen and storage area.

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