5 Ways You Can Increase Your Sales Using Your Extra Storage

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SMEs are having a difficult time with the pandemic and want to increase their revenues as much as possible.

Luggage storage company Bounce has five simple ideas that will help you generate more income and traffic with minimal effort.

Add a return bar service

A return bar accepts packages from customers in order to send them back to the seller. They are the point of contact for customers – similar to Swiss Post, but specifically for local companies that deal with online returns. There are no setup fees and it will drive traffic to your company.

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Acceptance of the offer package

You could be the point of contact for the ‘Sorry we missed you’ postage. Accept packages on behalf of customers and keep them safe until they are ready to be picked up. You can earn a commission for every package sent to you.

Luggage storage

If you have some spare space, consider luggage storage. It can be a storage room or a cupboard behind the reception – any storage space is sufficient. You can register with a storage service or luggage storage company. Earn commission on every bag you keep and get extra cash from customers who spend them in your shop or coffee shop.

It’s simple with no setup costs, and you could potentially make an extra £ 250 a month, according to Bounce.

Provide bicycle storage

If you have a lot of storage space, you should also park bicycles. Bike storage allows you to set your own prices and it can be especially lucrative if your business is based in a busy area. All you need is a bike rack or an enclosed space that you can monitor.

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Host an Amazon locker

Amazon offers a similar service to parcel acceptance or a courier service – they only use lockers and no staffed desks. Having one at or near your workplace could bring additional business. Find out more in the Amazon Hub.

You can find more sales-boosting ideas on Bounce’s website.

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5 Ways You Can Increase Your Sales Using Your Extra Storage

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