Approximately $ 1,400 stimulus checks are mailed out. It’s not junk mail. Just make sure you don’t miss them

Soon, new stimulus checks worth $ 1,400 could land in your mailbox.

Government agencies including the Treasury Department, IRS and the Bureau of the Financial Services announced Monday that a second series of payments will be sent this week.

While this includes more direct deposit payments, it also includes a large number of checks or prepaid debit cards sent by post.

“As these new payments will include more payments by mail, we urge people to look carefully at their mail in the coming weeks in order to receive a check or debit card,” IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig said in a statement.

The third stimulus checks were approved when the US bailout plan was passed earlier this month.

Payments are up to $ 1,400 per person plus $ 1,400 per adult or child dependent, provided individuals and families meet certain income and other requirements.

Stimulus check

Source: IRS

In order to get payments to people faster, the government will make direct deposits whenever possible. To do this, the government must already have a person’s bank account information on file. Alternatively, they can use records of payments to or from the federal government that contain this information.

If someone’s bank account has been closed, their payment will be reissued in the mail.

The IRS posted new images that people should look out for in the mail this time around.

In particular, paper checks will not be signed by President Joe Biden, despite the fact that previous payments have included the name of former President Donald Trump.

According to Amy Hanauer, managing director of the Institute for Taxes and Economic Policy, a non-partisan organization for tax policy, it is more traditional not to display the name of a president.

“It is really unusual to have the name of a single president on a check,” said Hanauer. “It hasn’t been the case in all of US history, nor was it the way it was done.”

Stimulus Visa debit card

Source: IRS

In the meantime, some people are given a prepaid debit card.

Note that debit cards used for previous payments will not be reloaded. New cards are issued.

Last year, some people mistook mail sent payments for junk mail and discarded them.

IRS Economic Impact payment card

Source: IRS

The IRS released a sample image of the envelope that can be expected in the mail. It will prominently display the seal of the US Treasury Department.

Debit cards have the Visa name on the front and the MetaBank NA, which issues the cards, on the back.

For more information about the debit cards, see this FAQ page.

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