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o them or not and it’s quite refreshing for someone in the industry to hand out real tips and advice.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is sometimes seen as spammy and dangerous, but that isn’t always the case most of the community dont intend on putting their money sites at risk but do strategies that maybe bend the guidelines slightly and with anything in life this is usually the case. If you were to wait on Google rewarding your content with a whole bunch of natural links you are likely to be waiting a long time, so SEO` experts around the world tend to make this happen in a number of different ways. This is what most people would determine black hat SEO. Now there is a time and a place to use these strategies and if it’s done strategically well then people will get the desired results. 


Is Black Hat SEO Illegal? 

Absolutely not, using persuasion or whatever tactic you choose to bend the rules slightly isn’t any more illegal than a sales guy bending the truth to some degree when selling you double glazing or any other product, sales techniques have been used for centuries and are in no way going to get you into trouble from the police. For sure some people will maybe hack websites or do other things which are illegal, but Black Hat SEO isn’t about using illegal practises it’s all about thinking outside of the box.


Where can I learn Black Hat SEO?

Guys like Craig Campbell have youtube channels that have a wealth of information on Black Hat SEO, among many others such as Chris Palmer, Holly Starks and other leading industry influencers and these are all great channels to follow if you are looking to learn more about how you can think outside the box and get SEO working well for you and your business. Take time to upskill and learn from others in the industry as you can take snippets of these black hat techniques and add them to your own strategy and get better results.

Make sure you do check out Craig Campbell. and subscribe to his youtube channel to get all the latest information on black hat SEO tricks that you can use to get that competitive advantage and beat your competition.




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