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Brokerage or Not, Real Estate Agents Need Their Own Website

Oct 21

real estate agent website

A real estate agent’s website is an important tool for selling a realtor's brand, not their firm's identity. For many agents, their only source of online presence is through their real estate firm’s website. 

However, having a one-page profile on a brokerage website just won't cut it in today's fiercely competitive market. For starters, any buyers and/or sellers you manage to attract will likely be drawn to your brokerage firm’s umbrella band. 

As a result, you have little to no control over the incoming leads and you’ll be put in direct competition with other agents in your firm. 

On the other hand, agents that create and manage their own real estate agent website are more likely to generate more leads and establish a stronger personal brand.

In addition to increasing brand awareness, powering your website with Showcase IDX for WordPress can help you attract more high-quality leads. In other words, these are people who show the intention of wanting to do business with you. 

The value of a real estate agent website

Your real estate agent website is your most important asset for establishing your online presence. It should be developed into a marketing hub that allows you to direct traffic from all of your other web accounts and social media pages to a centralized location.

With Showcase IDX, you can turn your WordPress website into a hub for your brand, lead generating, and marketing.

Showcase IDX is the best real estate marketing software solution that analyzes a customer's transaction and multichannel activity to assist marketers to create personalized and effective marketing campaigns that result in conversions and greater revenue.

Setting up a decent-looking WordPress website for your real estate business is only half the battle. Follow these tips to ensure you create a website that your visitors will love using, attracts more prospective buyers, and helps establish yourself as a local area expert. 

Tips for building an effective real estate agent website

  • Provide up-to-date market information:
    Despite their enormous financial resources and brand recognition, major real estate sites like Zillow,, and Redfin can often leave a disappointing experience for the customer.

    Aside from the often outdated property listings information they post online, their customer service is practically nonexistent.
    When you install Showcase IDX on your website, you provide your website visitors with exclusive property listings that come straight from your local MLS. Showcase IDX provides advanced property search features and the listings are always up-to-date.
  • Provide stunning images of your properties:
    Professional photography gives each website visitor a sense of a property and, when done well, creates a stunning rendering of its many features.

    Showcase IDX provides a feed of professional property photos that portray a lifestyle and ambiance in addition to showcasing static property characteristics.
  • Don’t forget to include surrounding areas:
    Agents might consider creating listing pages for communities or development areas in and around the city nearest to their farm area, as most buyers research numerous neighborhoods within a region.

    Showcase IDX can be used to research other areas within their registered region. This helps increase the possibilities of a website visitor becoming a lead by expanding the search to numerous places.