Ceaselessly requested questions on sensible meters for small enterprise

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1. What is a smart meter?

Answer: A smart meter is the new generation of gas and electricity energy meters being launched across the UK.

2. What do smart meters actually do?

Answer: Your smart meter measures how much gas and electricity you are using and shares this directly with your utility company at least once a month. You don’t have to manually record meter readings – your smart meter sends automatic readings to your energy supplier via the secure smart data network, which is exclusively intended for smart meters. This works similarly to other wireless systems, but does not use the Internet.

3. Why do I need to precisely measure energy consumption this way?

Answer: If you know exactly how much gas and electricity your company has used, you will know exactly how much you will have to pay to your utility company. This means that instead of paying for your energy on an estimated basis, you can pay the exact amount. This helps with a company’s cash flow, which is obviously very important in a challenging time like Covid 19.

4. Do all SMEs qualify for a smart meter?

Answer: Small businesses with fewer than 10 employees or their full-time equivalent may be eligible for a smart meter

5. I rent my premises from a landlord. What should I do?

Answer: When you pay the energy bill, you can decide whether to get a smart meter. When your landlord pays your energy bills, talk to them about how to get a smart meter for your building.

6. I’m too busy myself to get a smart meter. Any advice?

Answer: Looking at the smart energy meter problem, it is a good project for a member of your company. It reduces your workload when you run the company, and it makes your employee feel like he or she is making a real contribution to the company and taking a little bit of control at a time so uncertain for many small businesses. Doing this is of benefit to you and the company, and of benefit to the employee.

7. I’m not sure who our utility company is as we always use a broker to get the best deal on our business. What do we do in this situation?

Answer: This is also very simple. Contact the power broker currently in use who hired your current utility and the broker can tell you. If the broker does not know immediately he will contact the utility company on your behalf as this is part of the services that energy brokers provide.

8. How long does it take to install a smart meter?

Answer: As soon as you have received confirmation from your energy supplier that your business premises are suitable for an intelligent energy meter, the energy supplier will make an appointment for the meter. The duration depends on the demand in your region. The supplier will try to agree on a time that disrupts your company as little as possible. They are very aware that small businesses need to maximize their revenue to make up for the shortage experienced by Covid 19, so they are making every effort to bypass your time.

9. Is the installation of smart meters affected by the national and local blocks?

Answer: Your energy supplier will give you the relevant information for your region if you are in a blocking phase when making contact. However, when a plumber arrives at your office building, he or she will follow all established protocols regarding wearing proper safety equipment at an appointment and will follow recommended protective measures for cleaning and disinfecting while working in your company.

10. How experienced and trained are the installers because I am afraid they do not know what they are doing?

Answer: The installers are fully trained and experienced in installing intelligent energy meters, so you can have complete confidence in their work.

11. I am very interested in my company making a contribution to reducing climate change. Has a smart meter contributed to this?

Answer: By accurately measuring how much energy businesses are using, it helps with the greater challenge of generating enough energy to meet the country’s business needs and helps plan to generate more energy from renewable resources like wind and sun and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. While your energy use is very low on a national level, every little bit goes a long way towards meeting the country’s longer-term climate goals.

12. What is Smart Energy GB?

Answer: Smart Energy GB is a government backed organization that aims to educate the UK on the benefits of introducing smart meters. The national campaign aims to help everyone in England, Scotland and Wales understand smart meters, the national rollout and use of their new meters to be cleaner and greener with their energy use.

Frequently asked questions about smart meters for small business

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