Custom Tissue Paper Printing with logo

Promotional Custom Tissue Paper Pack Printing 

Our company believe that offering custom tissue paper printing as promotional campaign is a very reliable advertising and marketing tool as they are functional  and customers are much more acceptive of free printed tissue paper pack generally. There’s likewise an excellent several spaces on the item to publish your advertising message in dynamic shades
At Aquaholic Gifts, we offer a one-stop solution for designing, branding, printing, as well as manufacturing of tissue-related items such as advertising cells packs as well as Tissue boxes.

The Tissue Paper Printing Wallet are the most optimal way advertising and marketing device right now
With a double pocket idea, it can easily carry 8pcs of 3ply tissues along with a optional personalized namecard or discount coupon. You do not need to fret about getting it wet as its virtually water resistant as well.

The 4 panels of printing area (both exterior and also interior of the tissue pack can be printed) can be completely use to send an effective advertising message throughout your target audience.

See your designs in published in dynamic shades on this Tissue Paper Wallet pack today!

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