How to win £ 20,000 TV commercials with Sky Media’s SME100 program

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Sky Media has launched a £ 2 million small business support program, SME100, including £ 20,000 for television advertising.

In addition, the 100 winners of Sky Connect, Sky’s new B2B telecommunications business, will receive a free 12-month package for super-fast broadband and digital phones. With the return of SME100, Sky has contributed more than £ 4.5m in small business promotional support since the pandemic began.

Once selected, the winners will be put in touch with creative agencies in their area to design and build their TV campaigns.

SME100 is open to any small business that has been in the UK for at least a year and has up to 50 full-time employees. The companies selected will be representative of the UK from both a geographic and diverse perspective. In line with Sky’s goals for 2025, 20 percent of the winners are said to be from ethnic minorities.

Companies can nominate themselves online and are selected by an internal board of directors at Sky. All applicants will also receive a £ 250 discount on all Sky Connect 24-month and digital broadband plans.

To apply for the SME100 program and read the advertising terms, please visit:

The Isle of Arran-based fragrance company Arran Sense of Scotland was one of the companies to benefit from the SME100 program in 2020. Their TV ad campaign was able to reach their target audience in certain local authorities in Scotland, resulting in a surplus of 300 orders and a turnover of £ 15,000.

Claire Logan, Head of Digital and E-Commerce at Arran Sense in Scotland, said: “We had never seen TV advertising as a viable option for a company our size, but the process through SME100 couldn’t have been easier or more effective.

“Working with Sky, we were guided step by step on how to bring our brand to life and reach a really specific group of potential customers in our region. Since then, we’ve had significant insight into our customer base and increased brand awareness, which has given our business a much-needed boost during the pandemic. “

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How to win £ 20,000 TV commercials with Sky Media’s SME100 program

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