Journal Membership 10/16/20

Here is the Journal Club 10/16/20! I hold one every week JOURNAL CLUB. After filtering through the articles on the web, I present some that have influenced my life this week. Be safe and stay healthy!

  • Should you invest in the stock market or in real estate? It’s a very common question, and it’s understandable – there are compelling arguments from both sides. in the This article from Financial Success MDThe author uses his own experience as a case study and lets the results of his own investments over the past few decades speak for themselves.
  • As medical professionals, we wear a lot of hats. We are doctors, investors, retirement planners, landlords, fathers, mothers … the list goes on. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, now more than ever. After all, it takes its toll. The doctor-philosopher understands this very well. In this articleIt offers actionable ways you can relieve stress while you still get things done.
  • Are you getting the most out of your rental properties? Well loud This article from Semi-Retired MDThere are likely a few ways to get more cash flow out of your property than you might have considered. This goes beyond the simple strategy of “increasing the rent” or adding more properties. If you already have rental properties, this is well worth reading.
  • If you haven’t heard of the term “geographic arbitrage,” consider moving to an area with a lower cost of living while keeping your salary at or above current levels. This enables you to increase your net income very effectively. in the This article describes The Prudent Plastic Surgeon His experience moving from Manhattan to Buffalo, how it was the perfect choice for him and his family – and how geographic arbitrage can be right for you.

That’s it for this week! Hope the Journal Club 10/16/20 has been helpful to you.

Finally, a little motivation. Have fun and a nice weekend!

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