Making an attempt to rise to victory, Trump launches the ultimate two-day marketing campaign frenzy


© Reuters. US President Donald Trump attends election campaign events in Pennsylvania


From Steve Holland

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two days before election day, President Donald Trump launches a sprint of campaigns in battlefield states, vital to the US election outcome, on Sunday, to defy polls and fend off Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Trump, who wants to avoid becoming the first incumbent president to lose a re-election bid since his fellow Republican George HW Bush in 1992, has a hectic schedule for Sunday. Stops are planned in Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Biden is said to be campaigning in Pennsylvania.

Biden’s national lead in opinion polls has remained relatively constant in recent months as the coronavirus pandemic persisted. The former vice president was 51% to 43% ahead in the latest Reuters / Ipsos poll, October 27-29.

Trump faces a narrow path to re-election. Polls show he’s in enough battlefield states near Biden to give him the 270 votes he needs to win on the state electoral college that determines the overall winner.

According to Reuters / Ipsos polls, the race remains a problem in Florida, North Carolina and Arizona, while Trump lags 5 percentage points in Pennsylvania and 9 percentage points in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Anita Dunn, an advisor to the Biden campaign, said on CNN’s State of the Union program, “We are confident of where we are.”

There has already been a record 92 million early votes across the country, either in person or by mail, a phenomenon that should increase Biden’s chances.


The Trump campaign showed it was using personal votes on Tuesday to overdo the president. Campaign advisor Jason Miller said Democrats had spent months emphasizing the threat of the coronavirus pandemic and telling people it wasn’t safe to vote in person.

“Well, you know what? President Trump’s supporters will show up on Tuesday. Nothing will stop them,” Miller told ABC’s This Week program. “I think the Democrats will look in the rearview mirror and say, ‘That probably cost us the election.'”

Dunn dismissed Miller’s argument, saying the record early voting numbers reflect excitement, not fear.

Biden, who made the president’s response to the pandemic a main topic of his speeches, is expected to launch another campaign on Sunday in Pennsylvania, one of the most critical states on the battlefield and one that Trump won in his angry victory over the Democrats in 2016 did Hillary Clinton.

On Sunday and Monday, Trump faces rallies of the 10th stage – five a day – making it the most heavily frequented route of the campaign. Events in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and two in Michigan are planned for his campaign on Monday.

Trump will wrap up the two-day swing on Monday with a nightly rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he ended his campaign in 2016. In his unexpected victory four years ago, the wealthy businessman-turned-politician took on Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, three states that had been on the Democratic column for decades.

He was optimistic early on Sunday and wrote on Twitter: “Our numbers are looking VERY good everywhere.”

Complaining Trump is a rising number of coronavirus infections in many parts of the country. The United States has registered more than 9 million cases, with nearly 230,000 people dying from COVID-19. Trump, who stood up to a personal battle with COVID-19, downplayed the virus and said his opponents are using the pandemic against him.

At a rally on Saturday in Newtown, Pennsylvania, Trump appeared to lament his close race with Biden, whom he regards as a weak opponent.

“That could only happen to me,” said Trump. “How could we be bound?”

To win again, Trump will have to go down a narrow path, triumphing in states he won in 2016 such as Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa, and Arizona, and holding at least one of the Midwestern states he has took four years ago as Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin.

Some Republicans are pessimistic about Trump’s odds, believing he has too many states with his back on the wall.

Trump and his team believe polls undercut his support, saying the incumbent will win thanks to a strong Republican electoral effort.

Police sprayed pepper spray on peaceful participants in a Saturday rally in a small North Carolina town due to vote before election day, according to witnesses and videos posted online. The incident took place in Graham (NYSE :), a town of about 15,000 people about 40 miles from Raleigh-Durham.

Police said the officers took action after the gathering’s participants failed to heed warnings about dispersion. The democratic governor of the state described the incident as “unacceptable”.

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