More money for ‘moist’ pubs affected by tier 2 and three lockdowns

Originally written by Timothy Adler about small business

UPDATED: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that in December a one-time payment of £ 1,000 will be made to “wet” pubs in England – pubs that do not serve food – which will have to close on levels 2 and 3.

The Prime Minister made the pledge as part of his opening address in today’s House of Commons debate on the in-depth tier system due to take effect across England from tomorrow.

Mr Johnson said the £ 1,000 one-time payment recognized how hard pubs were hit in what is usually the “busiest month”.

The Small Business Association declined the gesture, however, suggesting that £ 1,000 would cover the cost of a single keg of beer.

The government’s new tiered coronavirus system will cut revenues for pubs and restaurants, 98 percent of which will be in either Tier 2 or Tier 3, half of which means £ 7.8 billion in income losses, according to trade organization UKHospitality .

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The new tiered system, which has been described as the cause of death for thousands of pubs and restaurants, requires that all premises in Tier 3 offer only take-away service, while those in Tier 2 can only serve alcohol with “substantial meals” – restrictions that doing this applies to 99 percent of the UK.

Ian Payne, chairman of Stonegate, the UK’s largest pubs group with around 4,300 venues, told the Sunday Times that pubs “feel like scapegoats without the evidence of what the government is doing,” blaming the “forces of evil “also known as Boris Johnson”.

Payne said, “There’s no scientific evidence that pubs or restaurants are responsible for more than 3 percent of the outbreaks.”

However, the Welsh government announced yesterday that all pubs in Wales will no longer be allowed to serve alcohol at night as it tightened its own coronavirus restrictions after the number of coronavirus infections rose again since their own “break on the fire” ended.

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UKHospitality says coronavirus restrictions have made 89 percent of pubs and restaurants unprofitable as a business. 25,000 venues have closed permanently since the first lockdown in March. Another 30,000 have yet to be reopened.

Kate Nicholls, UKHospitality executive director, told the Sunday Times. “We’re going to walk through the smoldering ruins of an industry that was the third largest in the UK.”

In response, UKHospitality has asked the government to pass the French hospitality bailout, which will reimburse venues that are forced to close 20 percent of sales expected in the run-up to Christmas, based on previous year’s figures are limited to 10,000 euros. .

A bit of Christmas cheer for the hospitality sector is that more than 6.3 million people told recruiting site they would skip traditional home-cooked food on Christmas Day to dine out during the five-day “truce” of the coronavirus on May 23. December.

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