Swagbucks VS Rakuten: Which Is Higher For You?

How would you like to get free money fast? Several companies are giving away free cash to people like you every day. Interested? It’s easy.

How? Take advantage of online shopping rewards programs. Similar to credit card rewards and airline miles programs, online shopping rewards are another extremely easy way to get cash and prizes just to make your daily purchases.

Rakuten vs Swagbucks: Which is the Best Rewards Program for You?

However, not all purchases here are two online reward sites I want to focus on: Swagsbucks and Rakuten.

While neither site sells anything themselves, they network with thousands of online retailers and offer a variety of great deals.

Here are a number of great tips and tricks on how to get free money from Swagbucks and Ebates quickly.

Get free money from Swagbucks

Swagbucks logo

Swagbucks is a free service that started in 2008. To date, they have paid out over $ 420 million to members.

There are a number of ways you can get free content from Swagbucks:

  • Do surveys
  • play games
  • Watch videos
  • Try out products and services
  • shopping online
  • Search the web with the Swagbucks search bar

While the other activities pay off, shopping online through the Swagbucks portal is where you’ll make the most money.

Whenever you shop online through Swagbucks, you will receive money back for your purchases. Here are some ways you can maximize your shopping rewards with Swagbucks.

1. Amazon.com

You can literally buy EVERYTHING on Amazon. So before next time you buy whatever you need, why not buy it through Amazon through Swagbucks?

Earn 4 Swagbucks points for every dollar you spend. In a short amount of time, you’ll earn the minimum 450 points you need to get your first $ 5 Amazon.com gift card.

Bonus: Swagbucks offers shopping cashback to thousands of stores including popular ones like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Walgreens, and more.

2) browse

Swagbucks works like any other search engine. If you log into your account every day and search for articles, products or information, you will earn points. The more you search on your account, the more points you will earn. You can redeem the points later for cash or otherwise.

3) Take a daily survey

Once you have logged into your account using the toolbar, you will be able to conduct daily surveys and earn $ 1 worth of points every day. These points can be transferred for cash using free Amazon.com gift cards.

4) Take profile quizzes

If you are a new member, you will need to log into your account and go to the place where trusted polls are published. Fill out one of the surveys and you will receive 100 points in every completed survey.

5) Qualify and complete a survey

There is an opportunity to complete six surveys a day. If you qualify for a survey, survey owners can call you to share your thoughts on their products. This opportunity could be worth up to $ 100 in cash or more.

6) Coupons

You can earn points by printing coupons every day. You will receive 12 Swagbucks points for every redeemed voucher. All vouchers redeemed from your account will be credited every 12 weeks.

7) Recommendations

Whenever you refer your friends or loved ones, you will instantly receive 150 free Swagbucks points.

8) play games

Wheel of Fortune. Deal or no deal. Bejeweled. If you like any of these games or play apps on your portable device, you also have the option of building your Swagbucks points account just like you do.

Make quick money with Rakuten

Cashback for online purchases and business

Very similar to Swagbucks, Rakuten is another wonderful shopping site that offers free money and rewards for literally anything you can buy under the sun.

You mainly earn points and rewards by shopping online. Literally search for every business you can think of and they have a cashback percentage for you on their catalog of 2,500+ partners.

In fact, Rakuten pays you up to 40% cashback in over 2,500 stores.

Some of the current deals and discounts from their Rakuten partners (as of this writing) include:

  • Oakley: 8% cashback
  • Vistaprint: 6% cashback
  • Old Navy: 6% cashback
  • Kohl’s: 2% cashback
  • Omaha steaks: 7% cashback
  • Under Armor: 6% cashback

Rakuten also sometimes offers cashback at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Note that in order to get your money back, you will need to shop by accessing the stores’ websites through the Rakuten portal. If you buy directly from the store, no cashback will be awarded.

Important: While the Rakuten portal only applies to online purchases, Rakuten also offers in-store cash back offers.

Check the Rakuten website for the latest in-store cashback offers.

Coupon codes and travel discounts

Rakuten not only offers you cashback, but also multiple coupon codes to make the deals even sweeter.

Bonus: Rakuten can also be used to make money for travel and vacation. It is not uncommon for you to earn up to 5% cashback when you book your hotel stays through the Rakuten portal.

That can lead to a lot of money when traveling. And you can also return the money you have earned for your next vacation.

Other ways to earn with Rakuten

You can also make money by recommending your loved one or friends. Earn $ 5 for every sign up made through your promotional link, provided they purchase a minimum of $ 20.

In fact, they sometimes have special offers that can earn you $ 30 for 3 new users or more.

Rakuten pays you all accumulated cashbacks quarterly. They will write a check and mail it to you.

Rakuten doesn’t offer as many ways to get free credits as Swagbucks (e.g. through games, polls, questions, etc.).

For this reason, it is beneficial to sign up for both rewards programs. Anytime you can’t find a good deal at Swagbucks, you can check out Rakuten and see if it offers you a better way to get free cash.

Only buy what you would buy anyway

The key to making serious money on these websites is to only buy what you would buy anyway. If you start buying extra things just to get cashback for shopping, you will negate the benefits of cashback bonuses.

Use Rakuten and Swagbucks to get discounts on online purchases that you planned on anyway.

After all, it’s about making more money and not spending more money.

And if you only shop to get money back, you are losing a lot more money than you are saving.

Because of this, you want to limit your shopping to items that you normally buy.


Regardless of which website you use, both Swagbucks and Rakuten can be a great way to make some income on the side without really having to do more than buy the things you wanted to buy anyway!

Take advantage of the free money from these companies. Use your cashback bonuses to help meet financial goals like debt free or saving for a dream vacation.

You can also make some cash by shopping online anyway.

Have you used Swagbucks or Rakuten cashback shopping programs? What do you think of your results?

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