Walmart prepares to ship Covid-19 vaccines in shops in america

A worker collects shopping carts at a Walmart store on May 19, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois. Walmart reported a 74% increase in online sales in the US for the quarter ended April 30, and sales in the same store 10% increase over the same period that the effects of the coronavirus contributed to the increase in sales.

Scott Olson | Getty Images

Walmart is preparing to give Covid-19 vaccinations across the country once they’re approved, the company’s chief medical officer said Thursday.

In a post on the company’s website, Dr. Tom Van Gilder, the company prepares the employees in its more than 5,000 stores and Sam’s Club pharmacies to receive the vaccine doses and to have them properly stored – for example, freezers at the right temperature.

He said the big box distributor was uniquely positioned to help with the vaccine roll out.

“With 90% of the American population living within 10 miles of a Walmart, we will play an important role in ensuring that those who want a vaccine can get one when their state’s prioritization makes them eligible, especially those in hard-to-reach parts of the country recently hit hard by the epidemic, “he said.

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