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WorldRemit Promo Code Lets You Send Money Abroad at Cheap Prices

Sep 5

People nowadays live far from their families and relatives. Some have gone abroad or moved to a different state in search of a better life or opportunity. But regardless of where we are or how far our loved ones or friends are from us, it is not that hard to reach out to them, especially now when we live in the digital age. You can send them an email, an SMS message, or chat with them online. You can even send them some money safely and for cheap, too, with the WorldRemit promo code


What is WorldRemit? 


WorldRemit is a remittance platform that lets you send money to your loved ones wherever they may be across the globe. Their fees are within reason but will not take up a bulk of your funds, plus the money is available on the other end within minutes. They have set up shop in more than 130 countries which means that you can send funds and have them withdrawn in the appropriate currency for ease of use. 


You don’t have to look far for a WorldRemit hub to visit because you can do your transactions online. Download their app on your smartphone and start sending it as soon as you want. Everything is laid out for you on their site, which is why remitting funds to your family and friends is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The best part? You get to save more in the process too. 


Send Money Using Your Preferred Option 

There are five options on how to send money using this platform, and these are: 


  • Mobile Money 


You and the recipient must have a mobile wallet or e-wallet where the funds will be credited to. This option lets you and your recipient use the funds to pay bills when shopping and more. It is a good alternative for those who do not have any bank accounts or prefer to access money on the go.


Services that offer mobile money usually store information as a backup so that, in case the mobile phone gets lost or stolen, the data can be recovered without a hitch. This option is used in several countries and is operated mainly by telecom companies. You should ask your loved one if they have a mobile wallet to where your funds will be credited to.


  • Cash Pickup


As the name suggests, the recipient will be physically picking up the money that you sent them. However, in light of the current situation, WorldRemit recommends using a different option to avoid any untoward incidents. If there is no other option available, your loved one must present a valid ID and the reference number of the transaction to be able to pick up the funds. The location where they can pick up the money you sent will be indicated on WorldRemit’s website. 


  • Home Delivery


Home delivery is an option that is currently offered in Vietnam. The money is delivered to the sender’s house, who must present a valid ID and transaction number to claim the funds. 


  • Airtime Top-Up


Like it was mentioned before, you can stay connected with your loved ones using your computer or your smartphone. This means that you are extending the number of minutes they can use to connect to the internet or make calls through their mobile device. If you and your loved one have been talking through your phones, remitting money to top up their airtime is also possible on this platform. You will need to input your family or your friend’s number twice to ensure that they will receive the top-up. Take note that if you entered the wrong number, you would not get a refund for it. 


  • Bank Transfer


This option lets you send your money directly to your family member’s bank account. To do this, you will need to create an account with WorldRemit first, then input all the details like their name, their bank number, and so on before you get to send the funds. How fast will the money be credited to their account? This will vary depending on the location where they are in. Some banks will credit the funds as soon as they receive them, while others can take up to 2 days to reflect it on the account. 


WorldRemit Takes Remitting Money to a Whole New Level 


Sending money over the Internet may be scary at first, especially when you consider the fees, the security, and whether your loved one will get it in time. WorldRemit takes away these fears because the founders knew by experience how tough it was to get their money sent out to their families. There are several reasons why you should use this platform to get the funds to those who need them within your circle. 


  • Fast Transaction


Some remittance companies can take some time before the funds become available on the opposite side. This will not do, especially if your money is for emergency use. WorldRemit guarantees that funds will be made available as soon as possible, depending on the location. Some clock only a few minutes before they receive your money. 


  • Low Cost


Sending money through financing institutions can force you to pay a high fee while the exchange rate is not as competitive as you hope it would be. This will not happen with WorldRemit. Aside from offering low transaction fees, you can get better exchange rates too. 


  • Convenient to Use


When using their mobile app or website, you will notice that their system is straightforward. You choose which country you are in and your recipient and decide what option to send your money to. Once done, pay the fees indicated, and that’s it. You can also track your funds once the transaction is done to ensure that they have received them. It’s that simple. 


  • Secure


Talk of money being sent over the internet can raise questions about safety and security. WorldRemit guarantees that its system is safe and secure. 


How to Save Money with WorldRemit?


WorldRemit lets you save money on your first transaction, so you can test their services without paying anything extra. Aside from that, you can also refer a friend so that both of you can receive vouchers that can be redeemed the next time you send money online. A referral code will appear in your account, which you can apply on your next transaction. If the referred friend or family member signs up with WorldRemit and sends the required value, this will only be credited to you. 


You can also get additional savings if you take advantage of coupons found in different online deal finders like CouponApprove. These vouchers and promo codes can discount the transaction fees when remitting funds using the platform. How much savings you can get will vary depending on where the money will be sent and the current offer by WorldRemit. 


Redeeming a Discount Code

Here are the steps to follow for those who have referred a friend or have a coupon code for WorldRemit that you want to redeem. 


  1. Create or login to your account in WorldRemit. Go to the transfer payment page and type in the required details. 
  2. Search for the label Enter Promo Code then click on the + sign. This is where you will have to enter or paste the code that you have with you. 
  3. Click on Apply to redeem the offer. 
  4. Double-check the total value of the transaction to see if the discount has been applied. 


Make sure that the information you have entered in the promo box is correct; otherwise, the discount will not be applied to your transaction. 


Send Money for Less with WorldRemit 

Remitting money has been ongoing for decades. This method has helped families stay connected with the funds being sent to buy personal needs or set up a business, and more. Before, the cost of sending money was too high, but thanks to remittance sites like WorldRemit, families can send and receive funds at a much higher amount. 


WorldRemit makes it easier for people to transfer funds as needed without too much fuss or hassle on both parties. You can even save more when you take advantage of available promotional offers that give you discounted rates for every transaction you make. 


In these times when money plays a crucial role in your day-to-day lives, you must find a trusted remittance service. WorldRemit guarantees that every money you send will be credited to the recipient safely and efficiently.